Ireland on the Move

The name of Irland derives from Old irish "Eriu" which comes from the Proto-Celtic culture during the Iron Age.
The Republic of Irland has its earliest evidence of human presence already in year 10.500 BC. The Island was christianised from the 5th century onwards.However,a strong indigenous culture exists even today and it is expressed through Gaelic games, irish music and gaelic language.
In 12th century was invaded by the Normans. In 16-17th century was under the TudorMonarchy Rule. Later Irland became part of the UK with the "Act of Union in 1801"
In the 20th Century a war of independence followed the partition of Northen Irland which part still remains politically deep attached to the UK.
It is the third largest island in Europe with nearly 5 million inhabitants and although very green by its mild climate there are only 11% of wooded land.
In 1973 the Republic of Irland joined the European Economic Comunity as it is and always was part of westen Europe!!!
Subsequently, the Republic of Irland as one of the present members of the European Union wants to participate with his suggestions, ideas and vote in improving all the European Institutions so as to bring such institutions closer to the common Citizens!!!

Felix Fuentes